How do I listen to a book while following along in the e-book?

  • Open the book. Click on the audio file and press play. Return to the book screen. Now click on the e-pub file. Follow along manually.

How do I update my payment information?

  • Go to hearken.llchurch.org and log in to your Hearken account.
  • If you have an active subscription, you will see an option to update payment information.
  • If you don’t have an active subscription, you can purchase a new subscription using your new payment information.

Why do I keep getting logged out?

  • It is likely that someone has logged in to your account on a different device. Each Hearken account can only be logged into one device at a time.
  • If you are on a family plan, make sure each member creates and uses their own account rather than using your login information.

Why can’t I see all available content?

  • First, make sure you are logged in. When logged in with an active subscription, you can see and access all content.
  • If you are logged in and don’t see all the content, your subscription may have expired.Go to hearken.llchurch.org and log in to your account to renew your subscription.

How many users can be on my family plan?

  • A family plan is available for up to 10 users in the same household.

Where can I find my family plan code?

  • The person who purchased the family plan can find the code by logging in to their Hearken account on hearken.llchurch.org. It is a series of six letters and/or numbers.
  • The code should show on the first page you see after logging in.

How do I add others to my family plan?

Each user must create their own account as follows:

  • Make sure you know the code for your family plan. It is a series of six letters and/or numbers. You can see it when you log in to your Hearken account at hearken.llchurch.org.
  • Go to hearken.llchurch.org and click “Sign Up”. Follow the instructions to create the account.
  • After the account is created, enter the code where indicated.
  • After the code is entered, the user can log in to Hearken on their personal device and access all the content. 

How do I change from a family plan to a single plan or vice versa?

  • Log in to hearken.llchurch.org to manage your account.
  • To change your plan, you need to cancel the current plan and resubscribe to the other plan. Note that you will not need to create a new account for this.

What other questions do you have?

  • Send us feedback via the app or contact the LLC office at developer@llchurch.org.